Liability and Guaranty

This insurance is offered to cover the insured from bodily and property damage that might be caused to third parties through manufacturing activity, construction and using his premises.

Liability and Guaranty

Public Liability Insurance

Intersig offers liability insurance to third parties that may flow from your activity private and / or commercial:

➢ Civil liability to third parties
➢ Public Liability
➢ Product Liability
➢ Liability of Directors and Officers
➢ Professional liability insurance, for






For subjects such as consultancy offices; Travel agencies; Call Center, units of service, etc.


Offer Guaranty Insurance

This type of insurance appears as a necessity for all companies that participate in public tenders. This insurance allows your firm to use its capital during the warranty of this offer.

Contract Guaranty Insurance

By this provision we undertake to pay the contracting authority up to the amount of insurance on behalf and for the account of the contracting party if the latter does not full fill all the conditions of the contract within the time specified by the terms and conditions set in the contract and / or agreement settled between contractors and beneficiaries.

Cash in Safe and in Transit Insurace

Intersig VIG will compensate the insured for loss or damage to property insured from theft as a result of violent entry and/or strength and/or exit.

Intersig provides coverage for loss or damage to insured wealth during transit and when it is in the custody of any officer or in the custody of security escorts or armored vehicle for the purposes of transport company on behalf of the insured.

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