Since it joined forces with VIG Group and becoming Intersig, Vienna Insurance Group in 2012, the impact of the company on the market has increased significantly.

At the end of 2014 Intersig VIG was:

  • The 2nd company in the market with 12.76% of the total market share
  • The 2nd company in the market for selling TPL with a market share of 13.08%
  • The 2nd company in the market for selling property insurance with a market share of 14.35%.
  • The 3rd company in the market for the provision of health and personal accidents with 12.05% of market share
  • Today 31% of premiums are generated from voluntary products. While in late 2011 Intersig VIG was the 5th company in the market with 9.44% of the market share and voluntary products accounted 22% of the entire portfolio.